Road restrictions and closures next 10 months

Temporary traffic restriction: Lincolnshire (Various – South Area Surface Dressing)

Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction as detailed below.

Organisation responsible for restriction: Lincolnshire County Council

Reason for restriction: Surface Dressing

Nature and location of restriction:

Road Closure Order –
Moores Lane (Between Red Barn Lane & Mandike Road) Algarkirk
Browntoft Lane (Between A52 & Church Lane) Donington
Manchester Way (Between Browntoft Road & End) Donington
Wythes Lane (Between A52 & Priory Road) Fishtoft
Wythes Lane (Between Priory Road & Clampgate Road) Fishtoft
Lowgate Road (Between Roman Bank & A17) Fleet
Roman Bank (Between Hurn Road & Lowgate) Fleet
Lowgate Gedney (Between Roman Bank & Kingsgate) Dyke
Govers Drove (Between B1165 Ravens Bank & Cockbourn Fen Dike) Gedney
Jiggles Gate (Between B1165 Ravens Bank & Joys Bank) Gedney
Langary Gate Road (Between Joys Bank & B1166) Gedney
Foxes Low Road (Between B1515 Fleet Road & A17) Holbeach
Kells Drove (Between Sandpit Lane & B1192 Holmes Lane) Kirton
Sandpit Lane (Between A52 & Beck Bank) Kirton
Blackbarn Road/Lutton Bank (Between B1359 Marsh Road & Lowgate) Lutton
Colleys Gate (Between Marriotts Gate & Luttons Gowts) Lutton
Dear Love Gate/Church Gate (Between Ropers Gate & Lutton Bank) Lutton
The Rookery (Between Green Dyke & Dear Love Gate) Lutton
A17 Washway Road (Between B1357 & A151) Moulton/Whaplode
Midgate Lane (Between Station Road & Forty Foot Lane) Old Leake
Green Lane (Between Water Gate & Sarah Gate) Quadring
Water Gate (Between Property No. 70 Water Gate & Eaudike Road) Quadring
Fenside (Between Northlands & B1184 Frithville Road) Sibsey
Birds Drove (Between Broad Gate & Broad Gate/Gilberts Gate) Sutton St James
Dog Drove (Between B1165 Fishergate & Old Fen Dike) Sutton St James
Station Road (Between A1101 & Long Road) Tydd Gote
Crossgate/Tydd Low Road (Between Gimmels Gate & Draw Dike) Tydd St Mary
Randall Bank (Between B1165 & Daws Gate) Whaplode
Sparkes Lane (Between Mill Gate & B1165) Whaplode
Thorpes Lane (Between Mill Gate & Little Lane) Whaplode
Whale Drove (Between Dowsdale Bank & Dog Drove South) Whaplode
Burtoft Lane (Between A17 & Green Lane) Wigtoft

30mph Speed Limit (With 10mph Convoy Working) Order –
Old Main Road (Between B1515 Fleet Road & Topsgate) Fleet
B1357 Moulton Chapel Road (Between A16 & Broadgate Drove) Weston

20mph Speed Limit Order –
A17 Washway Road Moulton (Between B1357 & Pipwell Gate) Whaplode
A17 (Between Saltney Gate & Stockwell Gate) Whaplode

Road Closures – Approx 2 days in each location
40mph (10mph Convoy) – Approx 2 days in each location
30mph (10mph Convoy) – Approx 2 days in each location
20mph – Approx 14 days in each location

Period of restriction:

03/04/2023 – 31/10/2023

(Restrictions to be implemented for 14 days as and when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates and times will be displayed on site in advance)

Alternative route or access arrangements:
Diversion routes and vehicular or pedestrian access arrangements will be signposted.

This information is also available in map form at

If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070.